Cleaning oil off engine

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Apr 30, 2004
Do you know of any solvents or techniques to clean up the Norton? I've used 'Mother's Polish' for the cases, but the oil and road grime on the top end fins is a bother. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
Cleaning the engine

Any engine cleaner from auto parts store will work just don't have the bike in any way warm. I have found over the years that I don't like the mess that using these cheaper products make of the rest of the bike. I use the expensive but effective and fast, Spray Rinse and Ride by Cycle Care. It's Formula 22 and you can order it at 1-800-728-7800. It takes some wire brushing but it rinses off well and can be used all over the bike on road grime it dosn't hurt any thing water won't hurt. Before you start it is wise to find wire bottle style brushes that fit tightly between the fins and other hard to reach areas so you don't waste time and soap and water. I cut the formula 22 by half with water it still works. norbsa
Hi norbsa, thanks for the tip. I'm feeling pretty guilty about dumping all those hydrocarbons into the air from the cans of Gumout carb cleaner I've been using. Works great, but the main ingredient -- Toluene is a known carcinogen :(

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