Chugley is legal!

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Apr 15, 2004
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Almost anyway. His papers arrived today so now I can get plates and registration. I won't have to worry about being busted by the police when I go riding! Now I have to call my insurance agent - "hi, it's me again. Yup, bought another one" :D

Some of the available upgrades are interesting. Boyers are available, just like the ones people put on their Nortons. Most Bulleteers eschew such newfangled technology however, and prefer to stick with the points. Of course these bikes are a lot newer than our Nortons and haven't reached the point of worn-out AA units and expensive replacements.

Another popular upgrade is to replace the Indian-made Mikuni with an Amal Concentric. Just like the ones on my Norton, even the jetting is pretty similar. People like the "look" of the Amal plus the adjustable choke makes warm ups easier they say. It's funny, a lot of Norton owners rip the chokes out as fast as they can! I put mine back in though and found that they do indeed make it a lot easier to keep the bike running for those first few minutes. Makes a huge difference on my Norton.

So many parallels...

Hi Deb,

It's nice to hear you're having fun with Chugley. How about writing an essay? You could title it "Travels With Chugley."

I think the AMAL carburetor is a great idea. And you know me, I fully support keeping the points ignition system, not withstanding its "unpopularity."

The Zen aspect has already been done. And I'd have a hard time outwriting Pirsig.

"Travels with Chugley" had occured to me also although that's not very original either. But my story would be. A long road trip on the little thing would be quite an adventure. :D

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