Chugley arrived today!

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Apr 15, 2004
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ForwardAir was running ahead of schedule so Chugley arrived a week early! I took the day off and picked him up this morning. Then I spend the afternoon chugging around the neighborhood. No paperwork yet, thus no license plate so I didn't want to go out on the main roads.

It's a fun little thing and definitely a unique experience. But there's a surprising amount of similarities to the Norton. Chaincase is very similar, with a central fixing bolt and a big o-ring to (sort of) seal it. The bike comes geared too low and the only way to change that is at the countershaft sprocket, just like a Norton. PO has already taken care of that, saving me a lot of work - yay! The "electric foot" doesn't work but can be made to work. Wetsumping is an issue, and the bike has the usual drips. And there's plenty of ugrades and accessories to spend money on. It has a TLS front brake which actually works, unlike my Norton's. A disk brake upgrade is available at a very reasonable price but I don't think it will be necessary.

We've been having unseasonably warm weather for the last few days so this was perfect timing. Today was sunny with afternoon temps around 70F. I wasn't the only one playing hooky from work!

I also got out for a short ride on the Norton, the first time since 1/1. In all that time, almost three weeks, it only wetsumped about 8oz. Replacing the missing oil pump output seal seems to have made an amazing improvement. Norton was running well and doesn't seem jealous at all :)

I'm excited with you! :D

Wish I had a new bike coming in the "mail." :cry:



Best of luck with your Enfield.

I bought a used Bullett Military model a few years ago - it was my return to motorcycling after a 12-15 yr break. I had it only a few months but it was certainly a lot of fun. This was the all OD green model, wtih metal panniers. I kept them full of tools and spare parts - a wise move, as this bike was very good at dropping parts off as I motored down the road. Once the entire shift linkage fell off. Luckily I was able to stop traffic and retrieve the part before anyone drove over it. Wheeled the bike up on the sidewalk and put it back together. My longest ride was about 50 miles each way - this was an all day journey and more than one knowledgeable observer suggested I get back home before dark!

Sold it to a young fellow from western PA - he came for it in his pickup truck and was VERY excited. Heard from him a few time and he was having a ball!

Have you seen the web site where there is an Indian video - I think a TV commercial - for the Bullett? go to and download the 3MB avi clip - it is hilarious........

Stuart Ostroff
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