Check out this sad old girl on ebay

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Yup, whoever buys that thing is going to have his/her hands full! There's been several really bad old Nortons on ebay lately...

BUT IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 'Pa' looked worse then that when he was dragged from the back of the garage after eleven years of neglect.

All it takes is time.....& money and time & money and time and...............

It took three months of constant work and money before I could ride it. Now five years later my wife can't get me off of 'Pa'. We ride everywher, all the time.

Its always an adventure on a Norton.

Ride On
I think that bike had more issues than Triple John's $300.00 barn find.
Good going John.
Yup, you done good John! A far better puchase than the ebay bike!

Sorry if I seemed a bit pessimistic earlier. Was playing the devil's advocate :)

Please don`t be sorry, I love a good challenge :evil: I was just looking for information, and assistance. I pretty much made up my mind a couple days ago, but just needed a little reassurance. THANK YOU EVERYONE! If I just spend time tinkering with it I will have gotten my money`s worth out of it!
john's bike

Hi Debby,

I believe I saw John's $300 Commando advertised on ebay starting at $9.99. It was in the parts section. Don't bash ebay, just know what you're buying. I sold my '61 ES2 and '74 JPN on ebay and both buyers should be and were very happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!
this bike

What are you people talking about?This is a bargain for a complete MKIII.I am currently doing a frame up resto on one with upgrades.Have you priced parts lately. I am ..talking everyone from Old Britts to Norvil
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