Charge light

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Sep 28, 2004

Need some help again from you guys

The Wiring harness on my commando was some home made kind of rats nest so I have ripped it of the bike.
I found this thing in the picture which I am pretty sure controls the charging light.
Does any of you know how it should be connected, I am making my nown new harnss?

Charge light


My first picture post
If it works I will post a few pictures of the bike when finished, fueltank and covers still at the painter.
Wow Les that was fast.

I think you could be right, I bought the bike from a guy in the U.K. a couple of years ago.

Definitely the charge light switch. This is not wired the same as the factory warning light assimilator.

This unit comes on when the voltage is below about 11.5 volts and goes out when the voltage is above about 12.5 volts.

I prefer to wire them as close to the battery as I can to eliminate voltage loss through unnecessary connections. It is wired with the red to ground, the black to the negative side of the battery, (preferrably a connection hot only when the key is on in both ignition and ignition plus lights). and the yellow to the feed side of the warning light. The other side of the warning light should be to ground.

I find these are very handy when using a 3-phase alternator.
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