Changing tyres

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Jan 18, 2006
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I use the same tyre front and back and of course the rear tyre always needs changing more frequently than the front. It has been suggested that the front tyre should be moved to the rear wheel and the new tyre put on the front wheel with the reason being the new tyre will have time to cure before it does any hard work (on the rear) and last longer.
Is this correct or is it just an illusion because the rear tyre is doing more work anyway and wears 3 or four times quicker.
I'm thinking it might be extra work for no real gain in tyre life. What do you think? :?:
been there done that

I used to do that in the old days with my 850. I rode the bike a lot and went through a lot of tires, so I wanted to wring out as many miles from a set of tires as I could 8)

Also, that way I'd have a nice sticky new tire on front where I needed it, and the older one on the rear, where a little slide now and then isn't such a big deal. The other thing was, the slow speed headshake would get worse as the front tire wore, and a fresh one would improve it for a bit.

These days, that all seems like way too much work. And with five bikes in the garage, none of them rack up big miles any more. My front tires now get replaced due to age, not wear.

Thanks for your reply,
I have taken my wheels to a local shop that will do all the tyre swapping for me. I can't really check if this results in longer wear because my speedo is not working.
Anyway I will enjoy the ride on the cooler days. The temperatures been up around 40 degrees c so I drive on the hot days and ride when its cooler . I don't want the old Norton suffering heat stroke!!@
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