chain lube

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Dec 2, 2004
FYI, Per a test in MOTORCYCLE CONSUMMER NEWS, I have torture tested a lube they recommeded, on my 907ie. I live off of a gravel road which creates havic with chain lube and chains in general. I always end up with a grinding paste on my chain. Dupont Teflon Multi-Use is the name and is the ONLY lube that actually has performed. Last about 300-400 miles, no more grinding paste, NO FLING! Clean your chain first with a stiff parts cleaner brush and Keros , let it dry completely and apply. Checked every where to find it, only available at Lowe's.
Hey, sounds like The Stuff! Time to finally retire the PJ1 I think.

But where in Lowes do you find it? I could search for hours in that store :?

For years I’ve always thought that the choice of chain lube - within reason – didn’t make much difference. I’ve tried every kind of lube you can think of, including home-made stuff, and they all performed about the same – lousy, when compared to a belt or a drive shaft.

I reasoned that frequency of cleaning / lubing had way more impact on chain and sprocket life than the type of lube.

Perhaps this Dupont lube is different? I’m skeptical but the results of Kate's gravel-road-experiement are compelling.

Debby, As you go in the store it is near the front on the far left hand side, on a display table with other specialty lubes, at lest in our store. There is a spray on, which I purchased for $3.99 and a plastic bottle.

Jason, I have always felt the same way you do about chain lubes and in general, about every thing else out there.
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