Capacitor, no battery with Boyer?

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Jun 14, 2007
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Can it be done - run a Boyer with a capacitor only, no battery? I think the answer is no, but losing 10 pounds and a big chunk of space-taking black box sure would be sweet!

Thanks all - BrianK
It has been done with a very small battery and with none but lighting is very limited and starting is a whole new learning curve.
Thanks Norbsa. Sounds like something to save for another application. I'm more likely to go the other route, with a relayed connection to a better (could it be WORSE??) headlamp in the not too distant future. Plus I have this brand new battery that could power Fenway Park for an evening (and is commensurately sized and weighted - maybe I should put the passenger seat back on and simply strap it in).

That's another pint I owe you (by spring, both our livers should be at very high risk). Collectible in the Boston area at your convenience.

Thanks - BrianK
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