Cant start 850 commando

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Timing would be my first guess, then valve adjustment. Are you POSITIVE your camchain is timed to the crank, 10 rollers between sprocket markings and marked teeth on idler gear aligned with marcked tooth on crank gear?
Timing gear chain

Thanks. I will check it with a dial indicator down the spark plug hole to make sure timing is correct. I was really careful about counting those links and aligning those marks when re-asssembled but stranger things have happened?? My problem will likely be something along thoses lines that I stupidly did wrong--Thanks for the advise and I will check your direction next==Mark Cigainero
Well, I'd say double check everything starting with the small stuff. It's usually something simple. The cam being mistimed does sound likely though. I've done that before, with similar symptoms.

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Have you timed it off the correct mark, don't forget there are two on the Commando rotor top dead and bottom dead.
Been there .
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