breaking in new rings...wet or dry method?

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Mar 19, 2005
As mentioned in the other thread, "smoke on one side", I will be doing a ring job this week. Did a look at the NOC website (UK), and saw there is now a different approach to installing/running in rings. Also ran into a website
that suggests a rather drastic way to break the rings in.

Any comments/suggestions before I do the deed and put the new rings in?

I always oil the skirts but put the rings in dry, then when its warmed up ride it hard but watch that it doesn't get too hot. Never had a problem doesn't burn oil or smoke. If its put together right with correct clearances all will be well. I am sure the Brit manufacturers told buyers to run in for 1500 miles so by the time they opened it up and it went bang their 3 month warranty had expired :)

I always lubricate the rings, piston and cylinder bore with a thin coat of oil when I rebuild the top end of an engine; this has worked well for me for many years on all sorts of engines. The key, as snakehips said, is to get a proper cylinder bore and hone job. It is imperative that the finished bore match the requirements of the new piston.

And don't overlook proper ring installation.


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