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Hi I have a 68 750 with electronic ign power is sluggish at low rpm and breaks down at high rpm well thats fine if I just want to putt around but if I want to get up and go it won't take it any thoughts?
Power breakdown and the bank

Hi fellow norton rider,
I strongly recommend you investigate the area under your points cover where your electronic ignition is located. I feel certain your spark is breaking down due to a deteriorated wire in that area. It is a place that is subject to extreme motor shaking forces and wires with bullet connectors will act like small pendulums oscillating to a point of fracture, possibly most of the way through, but still supplying current at low rpms. You might not even see the break if it is under the insulation and may require a gentle tug to reveal the weak point.

If it comes apart, it was needing repair. Even bullet connectors will fail where they are crimped. Cut them out and solder and insulate and immobilize the signal wires with some GE silicone RTV type sealant or use another method but the wires must not be allowed to shake in that cavity.
They are a time bomb awaiting an inopportune time to strand you. And you can take that to the bank., Ed CNW #9
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