Brake question

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Jul 18, 2005
Sorry for bombarding the forum with questions but when I had my front brakes apart today, my first time, I noticed that the wire mesh vents are blocked of with plates. Would someone do this to keep out the elements, I can't think of any other reason? It has the usual large vent at front with three small round vents at the back, all blocked off with nicely fitted plates on the inside. Curious if others have done this.

Hi feliz!

I guess we are talking about the 8'' TLS drum brake, aren’t we? Well, in my opinion it seems strange to block the vents as their intention is to cool down the brakes to give more stopping power and prevent overheating… but I could be wrong here.

The blanking plates were original parts fitted at the factory, the idea being as you rightly guessed was to keep water out. The plates can be removed for racing etc. Unless you ride hard enough to experience brake fade problems then maybe better to leave them in place?
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