Boyer vs Rita

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Oct 30, 2004
What is the feeling of the group on Boyer vs Rita elecronic ignition.

I ran a MK3 for a number of years with Boyer and had no problems but the triple guys nowadays seem to prefer Rita.

It may just be a 3 vs 2 cylinder thing or are there advantages with the Rita over the Boyer with the Commando.


Pasted from Dynodave's posting;

I switched from Boyer Digital to RITA last fall and the pinging in my '72 combat 750 stopped. Had several problems with the low tension leads breaking and causing misfire with the Boyer.

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Lucas has stopped making the box.
If John @ Mistral who did the conversion to make them MC compatable, doesn't revive the LR as a clone, than my partner and I intend to do it. I bought out eurospares and I have enough LR spares to supply customers of mine, that buy my replacement starters
until either John or we (AGTS) make the replacement box.
I work in an electronics production environment and these boxes would be childs play, the main challange is if I can keep the cost down......

IIRC, the LR filled a void with guzzi, Duc, and BMW that boyer can't do.
If "I" do them I will try and make them more competative ($).

British cycle may have some left.... but the last one my friend bought two months ago was very expensive, since they only had the ones WITH the replacement coils (68-70) the later commando ones are gone....
Thanks chaps. Lots of food for thought.

Commando arrives in 2 days and we are having more rain in the space of a few days in Queensland, Australia than we have had in the past 2 years. Typical :)

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