Boyer Troubles

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Aug 5, 2006
I took my newly rebuilt Commando out for a spin today, it was idling fine and had no problems. After I rode for five minutes or so, the timing went kaput. I took off the points cover and noticed that the timing went way off because the bolt holding the rotor in place came loose. What torque setting should I use for the bolt and should I use some loctite to cure this problem?

Thanks in advance!
The taper should be good enough to hold it without locktite. Are you sure you tightened the bolt fully?
I did tighten it, but I was afraid of breaking something so I didn't tighten it to much.
Some of these bolts are too long, so even if done up they do not get the taper to grip. Screw the bolt in without the rotor and see if it bottoms out after the height of the rotor.
My bolt was a bit long and bottomed out so I put a regular washer and lockwasher under it. Seems fine so far (2000 miles or so).
I always use loctite 242 and i always tap the plate several times with a small hammer and some type of drift and retighten the screw each time. I have found that after tapping the plate the screw which was thought to be tight is now loose..
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