Boyer Bransden Coomandos and BS

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May 22, 2004
After recent evenst and considerable input by many members here in and others.. I have taken a BIG lesson in understanding Norotn Commandos and Boyers.

On the face of it, my 850 Commando showed all the symptons as described by members ralating to a faulty power unit ~ after the bike being 'mothballed". That is ease of starting idling and reasonable performance. But falterign severely at 2500 to 3000 rpm.

To cut a long story short I failed to stick by my age old philosphy of "KISS" ~ keeping it simple stupid!! ~ I looked at replacing the power unit as suggested.

Instead I contacted "Phil" at Union Jack Motorcycles in Melbourne Vic (Australia)~ He made some suggestions that I agreed were "back to basics stuff!

~ That is/ was ~ always replace (modern ) fuels if not used up.. in my case I was having a lot of dramas with 'local ' BP fuel - particularly Premium grade. ~ This I feel was because up here in Far North QLD (AUSTRALIA) ~ ther ehas been a lot dramas with Ethanol added to the fuels, extracted from local sugar cane.
This has been a real hassle for me and the Norton.

~ I found that the plug leads were either open circuited or erratic! So I replaced them with copper leads, soldered.

~ Finally I checked the leads as sugested by members, to the stator on the Boyer. The terminal/s were loose! Again i soldered them.

These issues.. resolved he problem COMPLETELY~ TRANSFORMED the bike to a 100% pleasure machine from a total BITCH!!

So in the end .. remember ~ In the beginning of any dramas ~ I suggest ~ start with the KISS method.. don't go to the top of the pile and endeavour to resolve 'your' problems with convoluted, complicated, $$$ issues..

Finally I ask ~ Do Boyers require some element of resistance on the plugs leads.. or is this another BS story too !
The digital Boyer (red box) requires 5K resistance plug caps, the analog Boyer (black box) works just fine with solid core wires and non-resistor caps.
Thanks Ron

I checked all and sundry and seemed fine .. including plug colour/s etc.

As you can imagine.. I was rather pleased when I found all the prophets of doom and gloom predicted I would have to replace the "black box" to resolve the problem I was having OR refit the points assembly, and they were WRONG !!!

Cost me $4.50 and around trip to 'town" ~ 40 KM.. Two new plug leads and a solder job !

(Currenty in the throes of refitting my oil tank and I may just have a CURE for those pathetic ~ BS rubber insulators on teh tank mounts.. Stay tuned and I will report back!)
I was in the same spot as you exactly. After much advise from all I removed ALL the connections of my Boyer and replaced them with soldered connections. Again like yours 'Pa' ran like new!
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