Boyer: ANalog vs. Micro Digital vs.Micro Power ignitions

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Sep 26, 2007
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I have a Mark 3 that i bought a year ago, after it had been sitting for 16 years with very little driving (a total of 2,000 miles, an avg of 125 miles a year).

As you can imagine, I had to replace almost all rubber bits (valve seal guides, fork seals, master cylinder and caliper stuff, etc., etc.)

I ride the bike regularly, and having been stranded on the side of the road multiple times in my youth on Triumphs and Nortons by the nefarious Mr. Lucas, I want to avoid that fate. I ride the Commando 3 or 4 times a week, including a weekly run of 100 to 150 miles of back-country twisties (in N.E. San Diego county - where we have some gorgeous mountain roads).

The bike has stock coils and a Boyer Mark III (analog) ignition system, which I assume is at least 20 years old.

I have already replaced the stock alternator system with a Sparx 3-phase, thus eliminating the zenor diodes, and replacing the rectifier with the Sparx unit.

I want to replace the old Boyer, probably with a digital ignition unit, and might as well dump the old twin coils at the same time.

There is a Boyer Micro Digital ignition kit, and a Boyer Micro Power kit. I have read Dyno Dave's test notes, and read up on some specs on the Boyer site. And of course there is also the Pazon kit (digital ignition and coils) for nearly $500.

The Boyer Micro Digital kit seems to be widely available (and about $175 in the US). However the Micro Power unit seems to be less widely available (not listed at Rocky Point or at OldBritts, my two usual sources).

Anybody have any solid info as to which might be better ? And if the Micro Power is Boyer's most recent product (5 years ago), why isn't it the most widely offered?

Appreciate the insights? Thanks
Your old Mk3 is probably going to be the most reliable one otherwise it would have blow ages ago.
If you want to use the digital coil then it's got to be the digital micro power unit. I have one on my Mk3 Commando and have had two failures, one coil and one box. Boyer exchanged them quickly but its always in my mind it may fail again. That said it uses very little current, starts well, and the motor likes it. If I am going on a long run I now carry old faithfull a pre mk3 unit. The plan is to plug it in retard the ignition and off I'll go, I hope.
I put the micro digital on my MK III about a year ago and have had no problems so far, The bike is a one kick start when warm and maybe a two kick when cold but most of the time it will also start on the first kick when cold. I had a Sparx unit on there before but it ended up shorting out due to the amount of solder on the back of the pick up plate, I only found this out after removing it and inspecting it, It was grounding out to the timing cover. Mine seems to work great but I also have it in the back of my mind when i ride, Points are easy to fix on the side of the road electronic ignitions NOT!!!!! They both have there good points, So to speak, Chuck.
Cash -

a failure on the Boyer box and one on the coil - yikes!

So much for the quest for reliability and low maintenance.

Stick to the analogue, digitals give not real advantage over the analogue, the analogue gives you most of the advantages they all have over the old Lucas crappy thingy.
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