Bottom Up Gaiters?

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Jun 14, 2007
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I'm planning on putting fork gaiters on my 73 850.

I was assuming I'd have to pull the fork tubes out of the trees to do the install, but just came across someone saying you can do the job from the bottom up (remove the wheel and fender). This was for a Triumph Bonneville, but still, pretty similar setup I should think.

Anybody know if this is do-able? Thanks - Brian
Ask stupid question first, take a look for myself second.

There's no way. No way. No gaiter that'll fit at the top, around the fork tube itself, is gonna pass over the much larger (and lugged to accept fender and caliper bolts).

As Gilda Radner used to say, "never mind...."
If you are REALLY good, boil the gaiters in hot water, grease down the fork tubes and slip 'em on fast before they cool, you might could get it done.

It's not impossible, just not easy.
Triumph Gaiters are a much larger diameter than Norton ones and the Triumph lower legs are slimmer, also the fender mounting tabs can be unbolted from the legs.
Paul, my general experience is what should be easy is impossible! I won't count my chickens on this one....! - B
dave M said:
Triumph Gaiters are a much larger diameter than Norton ones and the Triumph lower legs are slimmer, also the fender mounting tabs can be unbolted from the legs.

Do you have any specific 'Triumph' gaiters in mind Dave? As the common OIF Bonneville gaiters are certainly no larger, they only hold in place due to their elastic fit at both ends, as there's no clips or mounting rings at the upper end, the upper gaiter hole only being a little over an inch in diameter, fitting that type over the sliders especially the one over the Commando disc mounting lugs would be extremely difficult I'd think? The only way to do it would be to drop the sliders off with the stanchions 'in situ', which would hardly be worth the extra effort involved just to replace the gaiters?

My T140 shown here fitted with the correct OIF Triumph gaiters .
Bottom Up Gaiters?
Les, I was thinking more of the pre oil-in-frame models that have steel fork legs, external springs and drum brakes, these gaiters are large . You are correct about the later models, although most of the ones I have seen have naked fork tubes, so I didn't immediately consider them.
For what's it's worth, I have been using BMW R90RS fork gaiters on my Nortons for over 20 years now. They are a little larger in diameter and you have to use clamps like BMW but I have never had to replace any. They are good German quality.

BrianK said:
Yeah, but can you put them on over the sliders? ;-)

If you're not the sort of bloke who can pull a condom over his head, you'll probably struggle :D

I seem to remember a "Ten Bob Tip" (or whatever they were called) in 'Motorcycle Mechanics' years ago and someone said you could cut them down the seam with a sharp knife and glue them back with Super-Glue !

The fitment of gaiters in a hurry with minimum work was an obsession at that time for those about to fail the Ministry test with leaky seals.
What's the rush? It would be an opportunity to do a complete overhaul of the fork assembly along with maybe a few "modifications".
For example: Progressive Suspention fork springs
Honda fork seals
Anti-dive kit
Tapered steering head bearings
Sealed wheel bearings
Perhaps a good fork brace
Fresh fork oil
When your finished you'll have a front suspention system that will
be a 100% improvment over the stock system. And, you will
have new fork gaiters to keep the seals happy for quite along time.
Already have the sealed wheel bearings, Progressive springs, and fresh fork oil in there, and the seals don't leak a bit.

Besides, I've been wrenchin' all winter, it's time to RIDE!

There's always next winter, though, so I'd be interested in info on those Honda seals and the anti-dive kit. Looked into a Hyde fork brace a while ago, and found it a bit spendy for my budget. But if there are alternatives or cheaper sources, I'd be interested!
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