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Sep 27, 2003
Where can I get a starting point for value of my '72 Commando Roadster? Or anyone have a ballpark figure for me? Am getting ready to sell, but don't have a very good idea of its market value.

Have had the bike since '73, has 15,300 miles. Unfortunately has the fiberglass tank, but no leaks. Is close to needing brakes (drums, a build date of July 1971), needs a muffler on one side. Runs well, looks good. Thanks for the guidance.
Since your bike has a build date of July '71, it is actually a '71 model (though was probably not sold until '72, hence a '72 title). If your side stand is still in tact, it should be the type secured by a pin and on the inside of the frame tube. These often broke and the design changed for the '72 model year.
This is the most aggravating detail on the '71 model and has caused me to pass up a few. Some have been repaired with a bracket welded to the outside of the frame like the later models. (See Old Britts site for bracket and instructions).
I bring this up only because this can affect the value of your machine. If the original pin is tight, then it might not affect its desirability. If the bracket has been replaced, then it might be more saleable.
As always it comes down to condition, condition, condition. A clean, stock machine will be more valuable than one with an extended front end and hog wheel and "custom" paint.
That said, you can check the auction sales for price estimates. Here is a link to the last Daytona auction results. broken link removed I consider these to be high estimates if you are trying to sell locally, but because these are graded on condition, give you a good starting place. It always boils down to finding someone who wants it more than you.
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I'll jump in and add a few thoughts to Ron's comments as I also own a '71 750.

The drum brake, '71 sidestand (such a bad design they only produced it for one year!) and glass tank are all undesirable features that reduce the value of the bike somewhat. Also, the 750's don't seem to bring as much money as the 850's, or at least that's what I see on ebay.

That said, the condition of the bike will determine its value. Could be worth anywhere from $2000 to $6000 or more. (You can sell any rusty old POC on ebay for $2000 these days!)

BTW I had the sidestand conversion done on my bike. It's a lot of work. You have to pull the motor to get access, then it takes a lot of cutting and grinding with air tools before you can weld the new bracket on. It's a job for someone with expert welding and fab skills (I had a friend in the club do mine).

Personally, I'd never buy another one with a drum brake or a '71 frame unless I got a *really* good deal on the bike.

good luck,
Hey, thanks for the help, gives me some ideas. The auction site was interesting, also..

As far as the sidestand, I remember when I bought the bike, many years ago, the guy handed me the sidestand and spring, said he took it off because he didn't trust it. The fiberglass tank, I ran some gas with 10% alcohol in it one time quite a few years back, it started getting soggy and seeping. Caught it early and patched it up, need to coat the inside one of these days.

Otherwise the bike is stock, original, runs well. Put on a tympanium unit couple years ago. Again, thanks for the input.

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