Big thanks so far!

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Apr 9, 2010
Hi everyone!

First off, just wanted to thank you all for your help getting me this far!

The bike started out as a frame and 12 cardboard boxes! now she is looking a little more bike like!

Big thanks so far!

Just having some issues with the wiring now... but hopefully that'll be sorted soon!

I'll need to ask a couple of more questions I'm sure! But thanks for getting me this far!!!

You don't need that/those front number plate/s (presumably there's one on each side of the mudguard) as they ceased to be a legal requirement on motorcycles from August 1975, although you don't actually have to remove them if you don't want to.

I hope you don't mind me saying, but it's a slightly strange beast? As it's got a Roadster tank, Interstate seat, Fastback side panel/(s?) and possibly an Interpol or BMW front mudguard? :)
A strange beast! You could say that!

Not sure about the front fender, came with the rest of her! The tank was a replacement from the original, but everything else was in the boxes, and from the photo of when she last ran, was as the guy had her....
Something weird about the front rocker covers also, or is it just the picture and/or my failing (assuredly!) eyesight....?

edit: I think I may be looking at part of the horn? (odd to see in the front of the bike if so - albeit more sensible than the original location.)
With that gap between the seat and tank, beware of the rain its going straight onto your battery. Can't you ditch that mudguard that looks like it came off a 1958 Bedford lorry?

ML said:
With that gap between the seat and tank, beware of the rain its going straight onto your battery. Can't you ditch that mudguard that looks like it came off a 1958 Bedford lorry?


Making a note to come to Mick for words of encouragement. :roll:

Considering that it started from some boxes it looks great.
From all of us who have preceeded you in the quest to assemble a Commando jigsaw puzzle, congratulations.
Looks like it just needs plugs and a good kick.
No blueing of new pipes tells me no fire up yet.
Let us know how it goes.

Hi Andy,
Yea, nice looking bike, well done.
A couple of suggestions. Like others said, ditch the mudguard & get a chrome or stainless one, they look a lot better & were fitted as standard. Get some dust covers or rubber gatters over the exposed fork stuantions, this will protect them from road grit. Swop your seat for a roadster one that will butt up to the tank like the other lads have said. (you may get your nuts trapped in the gap)
Ive also got my horn at the front like yours so it can be heard. (Ive actually fitted twin horns on mine & its bloddy loud).
I assume you live in the UK with these number plates.
Did you know The Norton Owners Club have an event in Hunstanton over the weekend of 14th August this year which usually atracts at least a hundred Nortons. It would be great to see you there, I am going with some of my mates from the yorkshire branch of NOC.
Keep us updated with more pics please.
ps have you got Historic vehicle status sorted on your reg for FREE road fund licence for vehicles MANUFACTURED before 1 Jan 1973.
Best of luck, Cheers Don
I, for one, sure would like to see that "before" photo!

Probably a top contender for "most improved 2010" award...
Thanks for all your comments/encouragement!

I won't lie, I'm a modern sports bike fan, so this was a completely different undertaking than I have ever had....

I must admit, I would never have known of the different seats!!! :oops: That said, new "correct" seat on order!!!

It was just a frame and a box of bits, but like a tool, I didn't take a photo! :cry:

I'll sort the seat, try and trace a more asthetically pleaseing front fender and give an update when they arrive.

Just looking at one comment, where should the horn be?

The horn is the first thing you needed to install. It is too late now, you'll never get it on.

See the triangular plate at the bottom of the battery tray? It mounts on the front of that plate.

Big thanks so far!

This is about the stage of assembly when you should have installed it. Your battery tray probably has the battery parallel to the length of the frame, but you still have that little bracket on the bottom that the triangular plate bolts to.

Big thanks so far!

Yes the factory built Commandos around the horn.
I know you can force yourself to reach a loose mount bolt to nip one up.
Seems like I've had a horn fall out. Implies there may be a way to work it in but not with bent hoses in the way till later. Who know you may be the first.
Dang thing weighs like 4 lb so logical to replace with lighter shiny horn but those aren't factory proper so unless the rest of the bike is completely specialized you will be looked down on as lazy scabber on : (
I liked where Dreer put his, behind the crook of Z plates.

Hi Andy, Dont take any notice about fitting your horn in its original position.
Stick it where it does its job best & can be heard without being muffrled.
My twin horns are at the front like your one is in the photo & its really effective there.
My wife says I can stick my horn anywhere I like (did I just say that)as long as it works properly.
Dont forget to send us the pics.
Cheers Don
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