Best Reference List EVER!

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Good on ya Mate! the Nortons, internet, speedtv (wish it was EuroSport!), and my Honey, gotta said - Life Ain't Bad! :eek:)

Go Nicky Go!
holy smokes! being located in dc, i'll definitey dig into this deeper. thanks for the link.

The Nation's Capital Norton Owners has its June meeting this Sunday at 1:00. All are welcome. Go to and click on Coming Events for location and a map. If you can't make this meeting, check the Coming Events page for future meetings. We have a great club and you will find loads of support for your Norton.

Captain and others,

Thanks much for the compliments. The Norton Resources list was put together to help Norton owners more easily access information and suppliers beneficial to their Nortons. We print these up and hand them out at meets. We also revise the list periodically, so if you have suggestions for inclusion, please feel free to post same. I hope the list was of benefit to you.
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