Beltdriveman- sad news

Feb 10, 2009
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Beltdriveman- sad news
Our old friend, J. Mike Leadbeater, the Beltdriveman, passed away on Thursday 31st.
By riding a bike like that, he probably did a lot of living. At high speed you get time dilation.
Oh dear. Old Man Death gets ever closer to the rest of us...and we thought bikes and riding went on forever.
When I first saw that name I thought he must have been a Ducati follower, I think not, it must have been something else..... Plenty of interesting reading from him anyway even under the other names, he seemed to come under attack on occasion but that is just the faceless Internets.

I guess he had some history base and was from the UK.

R.I.P Beltdriveman....

Its true what the 'Two Ronnies said long ago, death can be fatal, you forget that most of the time.
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Old BM knew a lot of stuff from the old days. He must have had more than the two posts, but he was banned from here and and caused a bit of havoc on Yahoo Groups, because of a “direct” discussion style with a deal of repetition.
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From what I recall about him, after reading quite a few threads that he contributed to here on this forum, is that he definitely had a bunch of old school mechanical knowledge. So I would enjoy reading his posts, and his point of view. Yes there was some repetition, and sometimes things would get heated but what the heck, right! Godspeed Leadbeater
From what I read of his posts, he certainly knew about the physics of clutches, was probably a clutch designer, or was just passionate about them. His repetition of facts, and repeticious name dropping was all the fault I could find with him.

Mike Leadbeater was a polymath, a grumpy old stoat, a man who's advice about life, the universe and almost everything else in between I was grateful to have received... but most of all, he was my friend and I miss him. Who else will phone me every day and answer 99% of my questions of the cuff and the other 1% by teatime. Well, you threatened to 'pop off' often enough, I never expected you to actually go to such lengths to avoid me. See you for the last time on Thursday you grumpy old git!
Sad to hear, He once sent me a bunch of electronic files on all sorts of things related to our Norton's and I thought that was cool. I was new to these bikes and was soaking up all I could. It had to be around early 2007 and I was on the Brit Bike forum, He did have a way with words and never missed a chance to share his knowledge and opinions. And yes I guess he did repeat these things often, but I did like reading his posts. I understand how he could have a way of wearing on people but I missed his posts when they kicked him off the site. R.I.P. B.D.M.
Oh one other thing, I worked with a guy when I was just a kid that was in WW II and he was as grumpy as could be. He had joint pain in almost every place you can think of, but down deep I think the pain caused it. But when Mike would get into his heated discussions with people it would remind me of Clarence and I just let it go and laughed.