Barber Vintage Weekend

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Nov 21, 2005
if your going, stop by the vendors section and say hi... blue popup white seinna, red passport AND Midnite, a black 72 Combat ask for Chris it's going to be one heck of a weekend! Craig Vetter & John Surtees, old bikes, racing, old bikes racing, auction, concours, parts, incredible motorbike museum, can you beat that???
CPT, I am attending and will work in the museum as a volunteer on the 3rd floor Sat. from 12PM - 6PM. I will look for you and maybe we can share some Norton fellowship, PG.
PG, I shall try to find you if you dont' find us first...

I count about INOA members coming and GNOA's
are all camping together so there should be a decent
number of us Nortonians...

Looking forward! Regards Chris
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