Atlas style or Commando style?

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Sep 25, 2004
Hi, I have a '70 Fastback with the Atlas style mufflers and am contemplating fitting some peashooters to the bike. I can't run the original exhaust pipes obviously so I will need a complete new system. I've heard/read that fitting of the exhaust pipes can be a problem. Does anybody have recommendations on which pipes/mufflers to purchase? Also, not that anybody really cares, but am I correct that early 70 Fastbacks were fitted with the Atlas style mufflers and that later 70's were fitted with the peashooters? Thanks, Rob

Some months back now, I saw an original set of fastback low level header pipes with the pipe coming out on the angle at VBNR(Australia)

Jim was asking $105 US for them. Shipping may cost as much, but if want the originals...........

They appeared in reasonable condition & could be rechromed to look as new.

His email address is if you want to contact him.
His international phone number would be 61 07 5547 0922.

They were just hanging on the wall in his workshop & may still be there.

The low level fastback/atlas mufflers are still available at most of the Norton suppliers.

Otherwise with the right muffler brackets, you should be able to install the "peashooters" :?:
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