Atlas based Domiracer.

We all know that racing has completely different needs than riding bikes on the road, unless of course your local track includes clueless dimwits driving around the race circuit, grannies crossing at the chicane, loose deer on the banking, and a few blind driveways scattered around. Big brakes and slightly bigger tires for me and my road bike, thanks.
Yep, on my road '68 Commando I got fed up with the poor front brake and it now has Marzocchi forks, and Brembo/Grimeca twindisc brakes & wheel from the Rotary Classic. Also a Kokusan 220W alternator from the aircooled rotaries. (Benefits of working at Norton)
When your bike is neutral handling, you are more limited in how fast you can corner, because you are usually up on the high line with more lean, and feeling your way around. With more trail, you do not understeer. So you do not need to counter steer to get the bike to lean in the direction you want to go. With my Seeley, I just flick it into a corner and as soon as I am in, gas it hard. Which ever way it is leaning when it is gassed, that is the direction in which it will steer itself. The whole operation is mindless, as long as I brake before entering the corner. In right hand corners, I ride up the right hand side of the track while others a high on the left at greater angles of lean.
If you rode my bike, you would not suspect it could handle like that. I used to ride in the same way as a neutral handing bike. But I began to suspect it self steered in the correct direction, when I gassed it early in corners.
With most bikes, when the rear squats they self-steer. we just do not ride them that way.
The last time I raced was the first time I used the bike properly. The difference was ridiculous. I blasted past the three leaders in a corner, as though they had stopped.