anybody need a LH'75 sidecover?

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Sep 28, 2005
I've got one that was freshly painted, decaled, and clear coated before I realized it wouldn't fit my '74. It cost me $125 to buy, paint etc the correct one so that's what I'd like for this one.
What makes you think it won't fit your '74? A little ingenuity and a sheet metal bracket from the hole where the Dzus for the '74 resides to the hole in the cover for the Mk3 with the original plastic fastener or a neat stainless bolt and it's done! A couple years ago I saw some one selling these "adaptors", but haven't seen them for a while. Can't be too hard to bend one up. I'd try that before I gave up on my $125 investment.
Yup, you're right, I could cobble it together, but when I bought the bike and was getting everything painted nice nice and I realized it wasn't "correct" I went out and got one that needed rehabing and made it right. Now some time later, I probably would have settled but you know how it is in the first stages of a love affair. :lol:
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