Any Pictures/diagrams of the Kenny Dreer OIF

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Jul 3, 2006
This weekend I have picked up some serious parts to build a new chassis
(complete front end, complete single sided swingarm rear end and various ancilleries to go with same from a HONDA NSR/ for $423.00 AUD, what a bargain). I already have a chassis I bought with a few boxes of parts some time ago which has been hard tailed (very professional job I might add) so hacking it about to run a single sided swingarm rear end will hopefully not offend the purists. So rather than modify my existing one whilst trying to ride it as much as possible I am intending now to do the OIF thing with this chassis.

All these mods should be fun and easy to do with the group of drinking mates I have. There are some serious racers/race bike builders/F1 sidecar chassis builders/engineers amongst them with all the knowledge and equipment we'll need to achieve this and they're all mad British/European/American motorcycle riders as well. Not a Japanese bike amongst them. Add to that a wife who has said once this one is built I have to rebuild the existing one for her or no more sex. Who'd want to be a car driver, I live a great life!!!

Anyway, the basis of this post is to try and get some detailed pictures/drawings/diagrams of the Kenny Dreer OIF system. I suspect that, based on what I've read about Kenny Dreer's efforts we will just be re-inventing the wheel if we try to develop our own OIF system.

And, if amongst all the engineering knowledge of my mates we discover some improvements we will happily provide them to all interested parties

Mike recently posted the following with Ken's permission.

I was struggling with posting pictures of someone's work without their knowledge.
So I e-mailed Kenny and here was his response. (Reprinted with Kenny's permission)

Hi Mike,

Thanks for asking, but nothing is really proprietary on the frame/oil tank
conversion. I'm by far not the first to try it; I may the first to have
built over 40 like it thou. You're right about the good and the bad, it does
have both, and I acknowledge that. It was all a learning curve, always
changing to the next revision, and/or design.

In retrospect, I still like the OIF design, a motor of that capacity needs
2.5 qts or oil (I highly recommend Chevron Delo 400 15/40w for all air
cooled motors, it's a commercial grade diesel oil, that far exceeds any
common "S" grades that are on the market, both in quality of base stock, and
additive package). The biggest headache was getting the breather to function
correctly, on later units we opened up a breather on top of the cylinder
head, via the intake rocker cover, this was a home baffle arrangement that
did in fact help to eliminate some of the frothing that was occurring in the
tank. We used the Spyke breather vent, on the bottom hose, and did again on
the top breather hose as well. It all got a little overly complex for such a
simple system. You'll see more than 2 on some serious hot rodded H/D motors.

All of the OIF problems went away with the 961, the VR880 OIF served well as
a learning tool. I read several of the forums, and if anyone wants to ask
questions, feel free, lots of experience in the last eight years.

Best regards,

Kenny Dreer

So with that being said I will try to get motivated this weekend to get some clean shots and get em posted.

Does anyone have details of this system as copies would be much appreciated.

Pushy, pushy pushy. Be patient, it's coming.
O.K, so you motivated me a little more.
If you believe, it'll come. :wink:
Heh Andy, Hope my sarcastic humor doesn't bother you too much.
I starting posting the pix on this thread when I realized I had more than the frame.
That's why I decided to post a new thread.
I realized a shot I don't have is the rear of the main tube. It appears it has been welded closed and has a NPT plug in it. Let me know if you need this shot.
Hi Graham

You posted this comment and link


very interesting. obviously if oif is used, it gives the possibility of the 'open' look behind the carbs. this has been done on a french site that can be read with googles translate tool. the url is ... D%26sa%3DG


but when I followed the link I could not find the OIF bike you appear to be referring to. Maybe you'll have to be a bit more specific as to it's exact location link.

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