Any Norton owners ever see one of these?

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Apr 7, 2004
Any body ever see one of these Primary covers, said to have been made by RGM This is Combat Pete's bike.
Any Norton owners ever see one of these?

Any Norton owners ever see one of these?
Yes it is RGM's.

It's their 124C outrigger kit, and I don't think that it is available now, as it isn't included in their current catalogue.


Actually it is still listed in their 2007 paper catalogue although it isn't listed on their website, and I haven't received a copy of their 2008 paper catalogue yet.
Harleyesk it may be but it's just a 30mm belt in there and having an outrigger out at the end of clutch pressure plate is worth it. The bearing looks a bit small for the job and I am thinking that may have been why it was discontinued,it was way ahead of it's time and it looks very expensive might have simply been a marketing failure. It came out before we all turned 50ish it goes way back before we were running these bikes hard enough to find the weak spot it was trying to fix.
I was hoping that someone could talk about how they solved the difficult engineering problems of supporting a pressure plate that still has to move sideways to release the plates. and allow for push rod adjustment and the like. When I first saw it it was in milk cartons a picture came later when it got installed it was had to figure the details from my short views of the piece.
Very slick.
The whole package raises more questions for me.
1. What's with the pressure plate?
2. Is that a short stroke 750 or an 850?
3. Is that a single FCR, or is it duals?
4. Rear master cylinder?

Very interesting and nice bike.
That is cool, but I'm more pumped on the green colour of that Commando. is that a factory colour? If so I would like info on that colour code. I have it down to a green like that or plain old silver for my MKIII.

Sorry to Hijack. :roll:
Yes they are duals. I assumed 850 never asked though. Brake converted for proper position in use. Duck front brakes. Just after we left there, the bike fell off the lift and crutched the tank I helped him get a new one. Talk about a shipping nightmare it ended up being a carry on with a friend. Michigan to Sydney in that size was hitting over 500.00 in the box it needed.
Michael, if of interest, I have twin 35mm FCRs on my 73 850 Commando. They are fantastic carbs (if a bit thirsty....) - Brian

at that shipping price it must have been UPS you were looking at?
I have shipped a few largish bits from the States to NZ and their prices frightened me as well. After checking the options i have used USPS airmail each time and no issues to date - under $100 for an i/state tank recently from the East Coast.
Wow $500 for shipping a gas tank.
In 04 I shipped an entire Vincent Rapide along with two boxes of spare parts from Sydney Au to Vancouver BC Canada for $310 US.
Interstate tank in a padded box exceeds US Post office size restrictions AIR or Boat using one inch of hard foam on each side in the box. And yes UPS gave the 500.00 quote. It rode like luggage for a fee, he paid the passenger on a plane, I don't know how much.
Is that a Norton or a Kawasaki? :p Don't see too many lime green Nortons around these parts.

Pretty color though, and the blue lettering looks nice with it. Definitely not for traditionalists though, but then again neither are those FCR's.

BrianK said:
Michael, if of interest, I have twin 35mm FCRs on my 73 850 Commando. They are fantastic carbs (if a bit thirsty....) - Brian

Warning thread hijack - Brian do you have a miles per gallon figure you could share?
Norton were using outrigger bearings on the 1972 JPN racers. I'd guess that's where the idea came from. The heavier ( than the AMC) clutch made the mainshaft flex and destroyed gearboxes.
John, Reg used to post here under Nortonfan and Kelly Cork is the guy doing Norton auto adjuster for cam chains. Reg gave me a grand tour when I was over your way introduced me to some local legions Like Rodney and Don Penter.
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