Another New Commando For Sale!

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Another beautiful example of a Classic motorcycle and at that price I don't think he would have any trouble moving it, it would certainly sell quickly here at under $20k Oz. for a new Norton.

The problem being, as we know, it's only new once, if it is ridden it looses a lot of value.

I hear what you say, but i find it real sad that someone bought the bike 30 yrs ago & didn't get any fun out of it. Price vs. value
As much as I like it and appreciate it, I could never own a motorcycle like that, because.........

I WOULD HAVE TO RIDE IT!!!! :roll: :p :wink:
i agree........but then again........I wouldn't have minded buying a 1970 Convertible Hemi 'Cuda, maybe drive it a few thousand miles then sit on it.

I could have retired by now.

I reckon you would treat it like buying a new bike. At least the depreciation wouldn't be as bad as a new bike. Then at least you have a new classic?
I know of one - saw it with my own eyes. I had heard about it for years, the current owners brother was a Norton dealer back in the '70's and this was one of the last ones he brought in - its a white '74 Roadster, still in the crate to this day.

Oh, don't even bother asking, its not for sale.

L.A.B. said:
How many more new unregistered Commandos can there be left now? ... :middle:uk
Although not new, a Commando came up on Ebay recently that caught my interest. It had a "Buy it now price" and I suspected it would sell early. It did... like a few hours after it was listed.

Nice bike. An early Kenny Dreer version, apparently.

I think Ebay only keeps the link alive for week, so my link above will only last five more days or so...

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