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Dec 24, 2003
A well known forum contributor "norbsa" is going to visit Australia next February 2005.

He asked for some advice, so I have put something together for Greg.
I have decided to post this just in case any you other forum guys/gals ever venture over one day for a visit. Opinions are invited.


You are no doubt an organizational genius, but can I suggest that you buy a ruled book, print this info out & paste it into the book. It won't look as flash as a package that u pay lots more for....but it will be worth its weight in gold!

A map of your travel destination.
The link shows you Sydney with Bathurst to the west. The Blue Mts are in between.
If you click on the top arrow you will see your "road" north to Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise & Brisbane where we live. I am suggesting you stop at the destinations just mentioned.

A major car hire contact available for pickup at Sydney Airport if u require a car. Just in case it is pouring rain or you want to get around Sydney. I will try & find a day bus tour for Sydney also

Or maybe you could hire a bike from this link for that part of your trip.
http://www.clubman-motorcycle-rentals.c ... _rates.htm

DAY 1 (these “days” you can adjust to suit yourselves.)
Pete (Combat) lives in Sydney & has offered to accommodate you & even take the day off & meet you blokes at the Sydney Airport. His mobile number is 0414 259728. Actually u may be wise to purchase a mobile phone when u get to oz for yourself. You can buy a "prepaid" one now for about $99 & there is no "contract" to worry about.
Pete owns the Fireflake Bronze "920" on my web pages & is a staunch member of HVNOC. He has offered to show you around & possibly ride out with you to the blue Mts. & introduce you to Steve & Kirsten, where you will stay a night. Maybe buy some headache tablets for your "hangover" next morning.

If you want some time to yourself, understandably on your first day & don't want to meet Pet until day 2, the 3rd of Feb then...
Maybe u could stay here first night
It has been a long time since I stayed in Sydney but this place looks very well located for you.
Your choice, Petes place or a motel. Pete is a Norton nut like us...good bloke like us all;)

As mentioned in 2nd last paragraph, seeing the "blue Mts" would be a good idea.
I have a contact near there, "Steve & Kirsten", If you can organize a night with them, that would give you "two days" to have a look around that area. Steve & Kirsten are both members of the Hunter Valley NOC & live at Bathurst.

Ride back to Sydney & dump the bike. I would then suggest a "Bus Pass" that enables you to stop over anywhere u want to stop. The bus would be full of travelers/backpackers like you.

I just phoned Greyhound Buslines & they have a "Central Coaster Pass" for $167 AUS per adult atm. If u click on Aussie Pass & Tours, then 4 maps down on the left click "more". This is the pass I spoke about, it enables you to board at Sydney, stop at any destination along the way to Brisbane that u want. When u get off at Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay & the Gold Coast, U must then call reservations each time u want to get back on the bus on 131499 to book a seat to continue your journey.
The young lady told me that you can pay via Internet & they email u a receipt. You then produce the receipt in Sydney at the Greyhound Bus Terminal at Shop 4-7 Central Station, Eddy Ave. Sydney. Ph: (02) 9212 3433.

Now that you have a “bus pass”,
From Sydney you could go to "Newcastle", 1.5 hour’s north, & meet "Reddo & Trish". Reddo is president of the HV NOC. Mobile phone number is 0408 676030. They would accommodate you & son for a night also. He may even take u to meet "Miss Universe”;)

I would then advise getting back on the bus and travel to "Coffs Harbour" for another night at the YHA Youth Hostel. This stop is just to give you a break before getting to Byron Bay.
$23 AUS a night each all linen supplied. Community Kitchen, pool, spa, bbq, pool table & a mini bus to run u both around!
If you scuba dive, u can go out to the "solitary islands" for a morning dive. $100 AUS all gear supplied.

DAY 5 & 6
Don't stay there more than a night because "Byron Bay" should be your next stopover. Byron bay is a "Mecca" for overseas travelers. You may want to stay 2 nights at Byron Bay. Even u r not a diver, stay here.
It is right in the middle of town & close to the beach etc. Tell Robby or Geoff that Reg. from Brisbane sent you;) There numerous short tours available around Byron bay coast & hinterland.

Next stop would be the Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise. We never go there much; too touristy but u should stay a night.
The beauty of a backpackers is that u can just book one night at a time.then if u wanna stay longer just book in again.

DAY 8, 9,10
Next Stop, Brisbane where we will finally meet. My mobile phone number is 0438 438258.
You are welcome to stay at our house of course. We can do a day trip to "Moreton Island" or do whatever you want to do. There is plenty to see around the Brisbane area. We will have to go one-hour north to the "Sunshine Coast" where "Noosa Heads" is located. That is also an international destination.
My 850 will be on the road by the time you get here & "sorted" so if u are "very" careful you may get to ride my 750 Interstate:).

When you have finished your Holiday, we live 20 mins from the Brisbane Airport & can take you there for a flight back to Sydney.
Virgin Blue lists the cheapest cost of airfare to Sydney as $89AUS on the website if we book here by phone.
But in fact they do deals all the time & u may get it for about $49 AUS.

DAY 13,14
Now that your are a bit familiar with Australia, spend you’re last 2 days in Sydney having a look around & preparing for the next leg of your journey. The prices on the link below seem fair for a guided tour .

Let me know what you think of that plan.
Regards Reg.
Plan Adjustments

Some adjustments to the plan are...... How could we forget the museum !!!

I would then advise getting back on the bus and travelling to "NABIAC" for a visit to You are going to have to allow maybe 5-6 hours here between getting off the bus & getting back on another. Actually you may be better staying overnight here & then travelling straight through to Byron Bay next morning. Accommodation: ... s/10075451

DAY 5 & 6
Don't stay there more than a night because "Byron Bay" should be your next stopover. Byron bay is a "Mecca" for overseas travelers. You may want to stay 2 nights at Byron Bay. Even u r not a diver, stay here.
It is right in the middle of town & close to the beach etc. Tell Robby or Geoff that Reg. from Brisbane sent you;) I have spoken to Robbie (owner) & he just wants 2 weeks notice of your arrival. You should be able to email him in advance.
There numerous short tours available around Byron bay coast & hinterland.

I have a very good mate “Bob Beale” who raced Norton’s here in Australia in the late 60’s early 70’s. My wife & I visited him last Sunday & mentioned your possible visit. Bob & his wife Linda would be happy to have you & your son over for a visit at their home. Bob’s mobile is 0409 150492 & home is 02 6680 5857.
Do not hesitate to phone him up & say hello, they will only be to happy to show you some ozzie hospitality. It would depend on his work schedule of course. Bob has a photo of himself & Agostini standing side by side by the way!! Bob is a legend & tells a good yarn, he will keep you amused.
Reg is a great host and has a group of people that are loads of fun to ride with. Anytime you can ride curves for 6 hours straight at a nice quick pace and feel safe with all the riders skill levels well it's it's about as much fun as you can have. To top it all off the people we went to visit were top notch bike builders of all sorts. What a good place to live and ride thanks so much Reg. I told reg he has missed his calling and should try doing motorcycle tours for people from other places. If you like running the curves hard this place is for you. All and all this was the best of the best for riders and builders what a country. Greg Fauth AKA norbsa48503
Greg aka norbsa48503,
Thank you for your kind words, you and your son Evan are welcome to stay anytime. You were a wealth of information & my family & all the boys in the group thoroughly enjoyed having you both here.

We will definitely be visiting you in Flint in a year or so if you will have us.

A lot of the blokes you met will be here at my house tonight......I'm turning the big 50 !! We have a new pool table & plenty of beer n ice.
Wish you could have been here !!

Over n out until my head gets better ;-)

Reg & Di.

If I win the lotto Kim and I will come and see you all!

What kind of beer?

The Hann lite is like our regular beer only better. The best I had was Old Amiral 15% real beer. They don't drink Fosters down there. norbsa
Well, Hahn Lite keeps you under the legal limit.
Usually we drink VB or Victoria Bitter when riding is not a worry !

After saturday night I now have 5 bottles of Bourbon to get through :D
Jim Beam, Wid Turkey "Rare Breed" which is NICE & standard Wild Turkey. Probably all came from the USA :?:

I ditto the Victoria Bitter; I had a few pints when I was in Perth and Exmouth last year. Good stuff!

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