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Jul 25, 2009
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I have a '72 Combat engine with 932 twin Amals. The current needle has two rings above the grooves. I am a bit confused as it looks like this is the correct needle for the 750, but with the 30 mm carbs. It looks like the 32 mm carbs are supposed to have a needle with four rings above the grooves, but it also lists that as proper for the 850. I have a 106 needle jet and a 220 main. The bike is faultering at about 4000 RPM which I am thinking is the upper range of the needle jet. I have the clip in the top groove, so it is possible the wear has gotten to the point of needing new, or maybe it was the wrong needle for a Combat in the first place. Any advice appreciated, but particularly if it is correct!

marinatlas said:
Hi , all depends if your spray tube is with a cut away or not...........

Yes, I see. The 932s on the Combats still have the straight 4-stroke tube.
You have the right needle .Just raise it a notch and try it.I restored a combat 2 years ago and that was the problem. Once I raised the needle it was cured.I had also resleeved the carbs at restoration,but I am sure that would cure it.
OK, here is what I learned today in Norton school:

When you reuse old needle clips they can easily jump to another notch in the needle if you hang the needle up a little bit when puting the slide back into the carb. That or they come off completely and the needle can come adrift. It is a real joy to take the slide out and have the needle drop to the shop floor. (Particularly when it is a planked floor and things can drop thru Paint Your Wagon style) I repeated the process a number of times. I thought I was losing my mind. So now I have new clips (extras even), new needles and jets coming in the mail. Thanks for the responses.
Hi Russ:
Shows you are only human like the rest of us.Happened to me when I started riding nortons back in the early 70's.Never forget once it happens to you.It is so easy to do. Sliding the slide down in and the needle catching the edge of the spray tube.Glad it was that easy a problem to solve for you.
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