Amal float bowl screws

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Apr 15, 2004
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I want to replace all the rounded-out phillips screws on my carbs but can't find anything locally that fits. Does anyone know what size they are? I tried 10-32. Didn't fit, slightly too large in diameter. Ditto for 5mm. Are they whitworth??? Do I have to buy NOS amal screws from a british parts dealer?

I had no trouble getting the original screws for my amals when I replaced them all not long ago, here in OZ.
It should be easier in the USA.
My local supplier had them all in stock.
Not sure on the thread size though.
The scews are called 1A or 2a or something like that and there odd ball pitch. If you like hex head cap screws I would choose 5mm because of the larger head on metric socket head cap screws. But the 5mm tap will cost more than a fresh set of Amal replacments try Baxters Cycle there close to you. norbsa
Amal screws

Hi Debby,

I replaced my rusted and worn screws with stainless steel allen type. They are 2BA thread and 5/8" long. For you in Colorado, try CNW or online at listed under carburetors.
Norvil has them listed for 37 pence each, probably about a dollar each once you pay shipping. Get eight of them total, four for the bowls and four for the carb caps. Don't tighten them too much, easy to do with an allen wrench. I like to us stainless split lock washers with mine to prevent vibration loosening them.
amal top screws

Debby, you can try
They have allen head 4+washers for 4.95 Part # 622/086al or standard head in stainless for $5.50 part # 622/086s. I've had good luck ordering from them. p.s. It has topped 100 degrees here a couple of times already; bout time to hook up the turbo air conditioning to the Norton.

Amal carburetor screws are available from Raber's Parts Mart in San Jose, California. This shop has the exact replacement screws as well as alternative allen-type screws. I highly recommend the original phillips-type as they are less fiddley than the allen-type.


Thanks guys! Good to know some local sources. I'd imagine shipping from england would be killer and I'm certainly not going to find those screws at my local Ace HW.

If I bought allen screws would I need some special allen wrench only available from england? Or would a normal SAE (is that what they're called?) allen wrench fit?

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