Amal Carb Cleaning

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Jul 18, 2003
I am refurbishing a set of AMAL 932s for my 850.

The forum threads about cleaning the insides of AMALs have been very interesting. I have now tried vinegar and carb cleaner. Fortunately the insides were very clean.

I am keen to hear how people clean the outside of the carbs. The ones I am cleaning have a discolored patches and stains - I guess from petrol and oil.

Once clean is there any way to coat or protect them from further staining?
Tony, Triumph Huricanes had Amals painted with Emron by Dupont. The color was a strange yellow tinted silver. Por-15 makes a clear coat for alum. engine cases it looks real good on freashly blasted castings. I just use spray rinse and ride by Cycle Care on the whole bike. norbsa
white vinegar did a nice job of removing the exterior stains on my carbs. I haven't done any additional cleaning or treatment though.

A friend of mine used Naval Jelly on the Amal on his '47 International and it looks like brand new. He said he just rubs it on, brushes it with a toothbrush, and then washes it off with water. Haven't tried it yet myself.

I've used BMW wheel cleaner to successfully remove old gasoline stains from my Amals. Just spray it on and hose off with water.

Yes, Yes, Naval Jelly, or Aluminum Jelly by same company, and a very fine wire brush. Makes them look like new for about 6 months, then they start graying again. Ace hardwares usually have naval jelly. Brush it on, let it soak for a while, then scrub lightly with wire brush. Wash off with water and your favorite cleaning agent (I use simple green).

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This topic has made me wonder what everyone uses on their seats ?

What is the best thing to make your seat look good ?
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