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Feb 28, 2008
:roll: Last week I read not to utilize East Coast Wheels for reasons I do not know yet. I was going to send them my wheels for lacing and truing until I read a post from grandpaul leaving a negative feeling about them. What is the problem with their shop that I obviously don't know, but I most certainly need to know before I send them my 74 C-do wheels???? Any feedback WILL be greatly appreciated!!! :p
They took an inordinately LONG time to do a simple re-lace on 2 wheels. One lie led to another and they talked me into rims they didn't have, then took that extra time to lie to me 4 more times that "they are going out tomorrow".

28 phone calls, 22 of which were messages left (they stopped answering after my check cleared). When they did answer, they flat out lied to me and took 90 days from the time they cashed my check till they actually shipped my wheels.

As it turned out, they got the rims and spokes from Buchanan's who would have done the work in 2 weeks or less, as they always had done previously.

Worse, the Triumph sprung hub "they" did for me that took one week longer than the Norton wheels, was actually laced by BUCHANAN'S because East Coast couldn't do it!

I'm just one sour grapes customer, they could probably line up 25 good reports to counter my one bad one with. however, facts is facts. they cashed my check 90 days before delivering, and they lied to me multiple times.
I had my rear wheel laced with new stainless spokes at Buchanan's last year. Total turnaround time, including UPS in both directions was a couple of weeks. They did exactly what they were supposed to do, and only charged my credit card on the day they finished the work and shipped the wheel back to me.

No muss, no fuss. A big thumbs up.

Keith Kelly
All I can say is I have used Buchanan's and they are GREAT to deal with, I don't think I would use anyone else. Hearing about others comments helps me decide where to go and where not to go, I think people just try to help. They ( East Coast) may be fine but the run around would have me a bit Pissed off, Ride safe, Chuck. :)
Has anyone here laced their own wheels?

I worked in a restoration shop when I was a kid (19), and watched it done a couple of times for AC Cobras. I figured, "How hard can it be?"

I got a couple of sets of stainless spokes from my local Norton guy and gave it a shot. He told me, "If you can't get them trued, bring them in loose (about three threads from the end of the nipples), and we'll true them for you." I figured this way I could polish the front hub to my liking, and blast the rear. Also, If I screwed it up, Wes would fix it.
Time-consuming -- yes. Enjoyable -- yes.

The easier wheel, IMO, is the rear. Once you get the hang of it, the spokes tend to fall to the proper hole. Truing the wheels was a relatively simple matter, using the same Marc Parnes wheel balancer I use to balance the tires on my Triumph.

Rear took about two hours to lace and true, and another half-hour to mount and balance the tire. Length of the spokes was perfect - every one about one thread from the end of the nipple.

Front wheel took over three hours to lace and true to get the offset right, and nearly all the spokes had to be ground down flush with the nipples.
I enjoy lacing and truing wheels. I've been doing bicycle and motorcycle wheels for years and find it quite satisfying - almost therapeutic. The job is fairly easy if you have quality rims.
East Coast Wheels is Fine

I've used East Coast Wheels 6 times in the past 2 years and never had an issue...
I actually have stopped by their shop when I went to NY and saw their $500,000.00 CNC shop... I'll be there in 2 weeks again with 2 more wheels... :D
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