All up and running again

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Jun 16, 2005
Hi Chaps and Chapette,
The Commando fired up first-ish time yesterday afternoon, the work took a bit longer than expected because 1: I discovered that the inlet valves were oversize and had to order another one from Northampton, and 2: I needed to placate my wife since I had spent a bit too much time in the garage.
Swapped to single carb and it seems a bit smoother now, also ticks over better - running a bit rich though but I can tinker with that at leisure. The clutch is also a million times better for fitting that main bearing oil seal.
cheers and beers
Congratulations! Best wishes for many more happy miles.

I'm hoping to be there as well, in another month or two.

Tht's grand Roy, isn't it just the best ( well, almost) feeling when after all of that time, aggro and spousal attitude your pride and joy fires up?.Well done,enjoy many miles and smiles.Ride safely. James
congratulations: My goal is late June : to coincide with getting out of school (I'm a teacher) ... it depends on how much $$ I can skim off the household account........ 8) I can't wait for it.

Karl Hoyt
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