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Dec 27, 2005
I was wondering if anyone here can give me the lenghts and thread cuts on every vissible part on the bike that i can buy in stainless steel or if there is a store out there somewhere that sells them as a whole set eg: headbolts, z bracket bols,mudguards,cylinder nuts, gear box nuts, footpeg hanger nuts, primary case nut, outter g/box cover hex bolts, timing cover hex bolts, iso nuts and bolts, shocker mount nuts , exhaust mount nuts, handle bar bolts, head steady bolts etc. basically all visible nuts and bolts as it would look trick to have all the bolts nice and shiny and last longer then chrome.
There are many stainless fastener suppliers specializing in British bikes. Andy Molnar in England broken link removed and Stan Smith in the US to name two. These fellows are invaluable for the specialty fasteners in stainless. That is, the 26 tpi cycle thread and chain adjusters, etc. But for 24 tpi stuff (that does not require hardened bolts or grade 8 ) I cross reference the factory part number at the Domiracer website (or printed price list) which lists the length, diameter and thread pitch of each part number. I can then source it locally in stainless or via on-line sources such as Bolt Depot .
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Make sure you're sitting down before you check the prices! The specialty items (such as the 26 tpi parts Ron mentioned) are pricey indeed.If you decide to go that route I hope you have a big budget.

I had the larger/expensive items cad plated, and replaced the smaller/more common bits with new stainless or zinc-plated parts, as appropriate. I got a good deal on the plating so that helped hold the cost down.

Fellow Munchkin from OZ,
If you follow the yellow brick road by dialling 08 83469838 you will contact CLASSIC FASTENERS who are a lot closer to you than me, they advertise in the HISTORIC MOTORCYCLE CLUB JOURNAL every month, i'm
sure they will be of some assistance.
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