Agostini and me

yves norton seeley

Feb 13, 2014
Country flag

Hi there,
During the presentation of the new MV Agostini at a dealer here in Belgium, I had the honor of seeing again Giacomo Agostini, fifteen times world champion, for me he remains the No 1, the greatest of all!
I saw him run for the first time in 1968 and I could tell him who finished second to him, plus I had a book he wrote in 1977.
Ago speaks perfect French and English.
An unforgettable moment for me!

Crossed your fingers on February 2, that day I am operated on my hip, the complete revvalidation will last three months, but I plan to ride on the MV three weeks after the operation.
Keep you posted
I have some private unshown close photos of Ago ,his bike and mechanic taken in the IOM about 10 years ago , If i can figure out how to do it I will post them .
Yep best of luck with your new hip Yves
Just wondering what they'll do with your old one?
You have already tried burning it and smashing it up and it's still there
What are they going to do with it? 👍👍👍👍👍👍😂
All the best mate
When I was a kid, I had an uncle who was like a brother to me, I helped him rebuild his 1953 Triumph Thunderbird when I was 14. He took me to the road races at Fisherman's Bend in 1954, where I saw Geoff Duke ride the Gilera fours and thrash all the Manx Nortons. For me, that was a life changing experience. I had to have motorcycles and they shaped my life. Instead of becoming a medical doctor like most of my school-friends,, I needed to do things which were actually interesting and exciting. I actually enjoyed the jobs I had during my working life. Some people need goals - I never did. Interest was always enough to inspire me.