aftermarket tanks

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Apr 27, 2008
has anyone had any experience with glass from the past? i am looking at their universal cafe tank. does anyone know dimensions.

also looking for other suggestions on tanks with a little more capacity without going to an interstate.
does anyone know the capacity of the fast back and if i can use a stock roadster seat?
Look very closely at any fiberglass tank. I highly recommend Caswell sealer and not using any Kreme product. I ended up getting a Norvil aluminum tank.$$$$$ The volume on their repro fastback tank has proven to work well in the mountains where gas stations are few and far between.
Good Luck
thanks for the info. how much does the fastback hold?
i've always read the forum. this is my first post and it is really helpful.
Just over four U.S. gallons. If you can find an old Atlas tank they can be converted to fit the Commando's they hold 4 1/2.
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