850 Commando countershaft nut torque setting???

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Mar 1, 2007
In my manuals it does not specify how tight to torque the countershaft nut on my 850 gearbox??? It of course has the retaining lock washer and screw. How tight should I get it and is it necessary to get it terribly tight if lock ring is used---Thanks
The counter shaft sprocket nut torque setting is 80lbs /ft according to my NVT workshop manual.

I would make sure it is tight. You wouldn't want that coming off at speed and wrecking the inner chaincase, or possibly worse, a locked back wheel if it jammed, although I personally have never heard of one coming loose.
Thanks Reggie. For the countershaft torque specs

Hey Reggie--Thanks for the info. I could not find the torque info I needed to be sure the nut did not come loose. This is a critical link and I did not want to screw up---I wish you all had some guitar or stringed instrument questions I could help with. I have been repairing stringed instruments for 35 years and would love to return the favor if any of you have any questions in that field. Don't think it is inappropriate--Just ask away if you need to---Mark C.
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