69 Fastback forks

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Dec 29, 2007
Just got around to cleaning and refitting the front forks. This is the first set of forks I have come across that are not chromed. They had some rust on the tubes under the gaitors but had not flaked and peeled like normal fork chroming just suface rust and some pitting like unchromed steel. Polished them up in the lathe with some wet and dry and cleaned up o.k. Has anyone come across forks in a Norton like this set.

BMW R850r [The wife,s]
Unchromed legs were the norm on short Roadholders on Featherbeds fitted with the steel shrouds. I don't have an early enough Commando parts list to check the situation there.

Condition of the legs is the important thing as you still need a good seal for oil retention. Any specialist in hydraulic cylinders could grind and hard-chrome them for you and check for straightness at the same time.
early Forks

My 1968 Commando fork tubes were unchromed too. They were too far gone to clean up so I replaced them.
I don't think they would have bothered chroming the stanchion tubes until the S model was introduced with the dust covers?
The S model tubes having a different part number to the Fastback ones?

Even then I don't think they bothered chroming them above the lower yoke where the tubes were not seen, my 850 Mk3 tubes are not chromed in that area.
69Fastback Forks

Thanks to all who replied. My intention is to have the forks industrial chromed down the track after I register the bike as you can ride all year in OZ. Having read in the forum the truth about the real cost of restoring a Norton I will do the work required to register the bike and over time do the other long list of cosmetic items. I have the Roadster to pinch parts off to keep the Fastback on the road while rechroming etc.

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