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Jul 18, 2005
being today is the day of the beast, should i not ride the commando?

i finally got it running pretty good yesterday, and today i have to sort out my clutch issue. either my cable is too short or the routing is an issue, but im not pulling the clutch open enough with my lever. its engaging when i have the lever fully opened.

ill let you know all know if she decides to go all haywire. or maybe lucifer himself with look up on me with joy and help my baby out!
This is also the 62nd. anniversary of D-Day. On this date in 1944 thousands of allied troops landed in France. As you ride your beast today think of those men and be thankful.
Gypsy, We are mad about Nortons. Your bike is already worthy of a photo on here regardless of it's condition, in fact if you post a photo of what you have I am sure you will get some good ideas and feedback.
Getting back to the original topic, I hope you took your beast out for a ride on the beastly day, Driggs! :twisted:

i did debby.. now i just have to sort out a clutch cable issue.. its never ending with this bike
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