1970 Norton Commando for sale?

Nov 23, 2004
Hello all,
I have decided to sell my 1970 Norton Commando. It is complete and runs, but will need complete restoration. I was thinking of parting it out, but not sure of value? The front end chrome on the forks, front wheel, handlebars & headlight are very rusty. The rest is ok. I bought the bike from my cousin 2 years ago...And I still have not touched it so, I guess it is time to sell.... The engine was rebored to .020 with new pistons, rings, connecting rod, wristpin & crankshaft bearings, He also had the valves redone. After the rebuild he put about 400 miles on it and then dropped it on the left side putting a crack in the lower left engine case. The crack is on the very bottom and could easily be repaired and would not be seen unless you looked underneath. The bike did run ok until I lost spark on the right cylinder. It will include a whole pile of parts. Please let me know if you are interested? John 630-922-1829. Please click on the link to see the bike.


Sorry to hear it didn't work out.

I've been thinking of building a ratbike Commando. I have lots of take-off parts to use up, and this would provide the bits I'm missing.

I could offer you $500 for the bike :wink: