1968 Fastback decals

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Hi. I was wondering where the decals go on my 68 fastback. I have seen several different bikes and every one is different.
Is there a link to a fastback with different angles so I can see what decals are needed, and where they go?
Also where is a good place to buy them?
Oh! one more question.
The water decals:(not fuel proof)....Can you spray clear urethane over them or will they wrinkle up?

Hi Ken, I'm no expert of the very early Fastbacks but I do know that both the tank badges and decals changed a few times in the early days.

Two best sources would be the NOC (www.noc.co.uk) who have the decals for sale and will also be able to guide you on the positioning and Norvil who sell the tank badges.

Otherwise on a 1968 model, whose gonna know the difference if you put a transfer in the wrong place...!!!
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