1. yves norton seeley

    Striping Sunburst - 2

    The nude frame: 9.5Kg or 20.9 pounds. Swing arm 2.4 Kg or 5.9 pounds Genius simplicity by Colin Seeley Forks legs with Consentino internals Takasago Excel weel with Hemings twin rotors Back weel with Maney system Hi there, I work only 3 days last week, I spend my workshop hours to go to the...
  2. yves norton seeley

    The changes I made on the sunburst

    This is the maximum lean angle I can take becouse of my lowered footrest, lowered becouse of my broken hip, and maybe my age also (70) I change the seat (Ducati 900 SS) the fuel tank (own design) made by Streug Metal Shop, Fairing (Velocette veeline) I dont know if you like it, but this is my...