1. M

    Seat or seat pan, Mk3 Roadster

    I am looking for a seat in restorable condition. Cover and foam may have perished, pan should have integrity still. Please send me PM if you have one to sell. - Knut
  2. robs ss

    Stock (dual) seat - Corbin mounting

    I am in the process of mounting a stock seat to my interstate. Currently has Corbin Gunfighter. As many of you will know, Matt (cNw) draws the line at fitting dual seats but there will be times when I would like to ride 2-up. I will have it upholstered with rear hump after getting the base to...
  3. Weshaynes

    S parts original

    New member here! So I have already gotten some great help from of your members! So thank you for letting me join! Just bought a 90 percent complete s type. Restoring the paint to original taking the rattle can off with wet sand. Originally royal blue metal flake. I need a original fiber...
  4. robs ss

    Commando Seat Rebuild Advice

    I'm looking for advice on what the best and most durable preparation & paint(?) system is for a Commando seat base - including any tips on work that may be necessary on the foam to improve the result. Is the stock method of attaching the cover to the base still the way to go or is there...