1. What clear coat for nickel featherbed frame

    My first post. I am rebuilding a 88 ss I built in 1969/70 and want to protect the original nickel coating but with what ? Tried car clear lacquer but this just comes off Anyone used clear coat on nickel or chrome and what was the results
  2. Rake Trail and wheel base.

    Is there any reference data to various early bikes with regards to Rake Trail and Wheelbase. After much searching, the best I can come with is some info on the Manx. Looking to make frame or 2 for racing. Thanks Wallace.
  3. Ozarkdreamer

    Frame advice

    I have a 1969 Commando with a widowmaker frame that I want to build as a custom. It has been raced. The frame looks solid but even if I weld in the extra bar, I am not sure that I will trust it. I bought a 75 complete frame-cradle-swing arm but it is apparent I would need to make some changes...
  4. Rear frame loop

    I have managed to align my rear frame loop to be central to the headstock & spine tube but am now looking at the height of it. Is it supposed to be parallel to the bottom frame tubes? The drawing I have found in this forum doesn't show definitely the angle of it when the bottom frame tubes are...
  5. Ozarkdreamer

    Replacement for widow maker frame?

    I have an early commando basket case with a widow maker frame that I want to build as a custom. There are too many parts missing to restore. I have read a few threads about welding in the extra frame member to strengthen it but this bike was raced and even though there are no obvious fractures I...