1. Phliper00

    Bsa a50 transmission won’t engage

    Hi guys, I was doing a small ride with my 68 A50. My rear chain broke. I replaced it with a 530 instead of a 520. The bike starts 1st or 2nd kick. I tried to go for a ride this PM but the first gear won’t engage. The lever refuse to engage the first gear. I hear a “trrrrrr trrrrr” when I try...
  2. boetiethecat

    Digital parts manuals

    Hi just joined here, im new to motorbike restoration (well personally people are know do it) but decided I would like to restore an old bike so, ive got 4!! No idea where to start, how to start etc. just got a bit of time on my hands. Im a fitness person so that's my job, travel a lot for it...