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Norton 961 Aluminium Fuel Tank - Decals

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Decals produced to replicate the pinstripe and Norton logo of the standard Norton 961 tank (black and gold) for application to an aftermarket aluminium fuel tank. Included also, the standard 2016 Norton Logo for those that do not wish to use the full decal. Of note:

- The full decal is close to complete and a pretty accurate representation of the original, with the following exceptions:

- External black pinstripe added to differentiate gold pinstripe from silver tank.
- Adjustment for accurate colour required.
- Adjustment needed to the point at which pinstripes meet - outer black/gold pinstripes to be extended to natural point to match original.

Note - easily corrected by whomever is employed to complete/print/fit.

- If fitting to the TAB II ally tank be aware that the steep side profile forward of the Monza cap makes fitting of this decal difficult without creasing, despite the use of heat. My advice - take care when choosing a decal/graphics firm to print and get them to fit. Alternatively, have them printed as a wrap; thinner and should be easier to apply.
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