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Annandale, VA
For those watching my builds, I'm all but done with all bikes promised. My next two builds will probably be Red Combat and a 1974 Black 850 unless someone commissions something else. Now is the time to talk to me about what you want.

In general, I rebuild to stock but with some modern upgrades. Matching numbers, clear title in my name, Tri-Spark Ignition, Tri-Spark MOSFET Regulator, Don Pender stainless single rear axle, Don Pender oil pressure switch or an oil pressure gauge, cNw oil tank upgrade, crankcase reed valve, RoadRider II tires, 100% of bearings in bike changed, forks rebuilt with at least new tubes, hand-made custom wiring harness, Premier carbs, and so on. Some common upgrades are cNw electric start, cNw or Don Pender front brake, single Mikuni or Amal Mk2 carb.

For forum members, the target price without upgrades is $15,000; or roll the dice and pay my cost on parts and donor bike and a whopping $25/hour for my time. If money is tight, I can build a titled, bitsa for less if I have the bits available (right now, I can do two 750s).

If you have a bike you want rebuilt or returned to service, contact me. Commando, 1967-1979 Triumph (any model), BSA B25 or B50.

How long will it take me? However long it takes me - no promises. One of the few values in being old is no deadlines!

How much money down? None, you commit to the purchase, and I trust you. You pay once it is ready.

Will you ship overseas? Yes, as long as you handle the shipping. If you are overseas and don't need a title, it can cost less for the bike depending on what I have available. In this one case, I need a deposit because if I build it and then then you back-out or die, I've built a bike I cannot sell in the US.
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