Yet another clutch question..

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Jul 18, 2005
.. so ive got the rgm belt kit installed and everything seems sorted out and proper. im dealing with carb issues now, but after running the bike a lill here and there, i noticed my clutch spring plate is getting wet. its an oil type mixture, and im not sure why its there or where its coming from? could i be missing or having a bad seal somewhere?

Sniff it and see. Is it gearbox oil ? If it's only on the clutch then it is probably coming down the inside of the mainshaft.

You then have a choice between cutting, shortening and re-hardening the pushrod halves with a ball bearing in between or a clutch nut with an oil seal.

Personally, I've never had this problem but it is a common complaint. I always have far more trouble with crank oil seals but that's a bit of a Mk111 thing.
It could be gear oil?
As it can find its way along the clutch pushrod tunnel and contaminate the clutch plates.

There is a modification available sold by Norvil (and others probably?)

Also see: >Tech Talk>Clutch Issues. =26, 11.

Leaving the bike parked on the main stand instead of the side stand can slow the amount of oil contamination.
As the insallation instructions for the Norvil pushrod seal are also written by Dyno Dave I think there's a good chance that the Norvil one is the same part.

I did fit this mod to my 850 MkIII clutch (bronze plates) a couple of years ago, I can't say that it made any noticeable difference, not that I'd had any real problems, although the clutch would drag a bit after start-up, which would soon stop after riding off, and that's still the same.
Hi L.A.B.

I had the same issues with my MKIII. I changed out the bronze plates for Surflex fibre plates . The dragging clutch problem was gone and have never had any issues in 5 years . You will need to addd one or two more steel plates to make up for the difference is material thickness
while this is a clutch topic do the featherlite cables improve clutch pull alot. As my Bro's kawasaki 250 nija 88 model has a very light clutch and the norton is heavy and stiff i relise the clutch setup is completly different but what else can i add to improve the norton clutch pull and make it alot lighter.
lubing the clutch cable

Tri-Flow is a purpose made teflon lube in an aerosol can. Use the also purpose made metal cable clamp with rubber port for injecting the lube under pressure. You don't have to remove the cable from the motorcycle when using this.
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