WTB asap: MKIII inner primary

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Aug 14, 2006
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:evil: Yeah, I need to buy an inner primary for a MKIII asap. Motor is being rebuilt by CNW and something is funky with my inner primary. A cast-in bolt boss where one of the starter bolts fastens the starter motor to the inner primary is broken and cracked ( JB welded by dumb-ass previous owner) and pretty much unrepairable.

If any of you guys can help me out that would be great. US members, item would simply be shipped out to CNW so no cross border hassles.

Slightly bent frame and now this. I need a vacation from this damn bike.
Saw that auction but it is damaged as well.

I did find one at Old Britts for $148. Not bad for a new one. I didn't have time to find another used one on ebay so I bit the bullet and went with new.
Probably the right decision. Relatively short dollars, and you're not inheriting someone else's problems!
GavinJuice said:
LAB have you actually tried that product before?

Yes quite a few times (Lumiweld) over many years, and it has always made a successful repair, and I've never had a Lumiweld repair fail yet.
I found a new one from Old Britts quite cheap. $148, which is way cheaper than I thought an NO one would be.

I never heard of that type of AL repair that LAB mentioned.

Either way, CNW couldn't fix it so I took their word for it and sent them a new replacement. Hopfully my motor should be back in my grubby little hands by April.
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